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The ideal candidate considering
a male facelift or rejuvenation:

  • overall good health
  • free of any active diseases or medical conditions
  • good mental and emotional health
  • stable weight
  • have realistic expectations

Other procedures to consider
for male facial rejuvenation:

  • eyelid surgery
  • cosmetic injectable fillers
  • neck liposuction
  • laser skin resurfacing

Male Facelift and Rejuvenation

Male facelift procedures are not just for Hollywood male celebrities. If you are a male thinking about a facelift procedure, approximately 120,000 facelift procedures were performed in 2011 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. A facelift/facial rejuvenation reduces sagging and wrinkles in the face and neck and gives you a more refreshed look and youthful appearance. This procedure does not correct the eyelids or wrinkles around the lips.

A cell enhance face lift (fat transfer) can improve the texture of the skin and offer the benefits of facial rejuvenation thus making the skin itself look younger. The approach of a male facelift is to define and sharpen then angular structures of the jaw, neck, and chin. Men may also have more sun damage to their skin which may require other treatments such as laser skin resurfacing to help with the appearance of finer wrinkles. Many men want to ensure that their face still looks masculine after surgery.

Men considering facelift surgery should have an understanding of how the surgery will be performed and concealed incision placement. Dr. Case will discuss how to prepare for surgery and where incisions will be made, anesthesia options and your recovery. During surgery, excess fat and skin may be removed, facial muscles may be positioned, and the facial muscles tightened with the goal of producing a natural looking appearance.

The amount of improvement achieved depends on how much wrinkling and sagging you have before surgery. In addition, a sudden weight loss may contribute to excess skin in the facial area.

Most men today want to look as natural as possible and do not want to look "done."

Patient results may vary