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"Ideal Lip" proportions to consider:

Side-to-side symmetry: From one side to the other, the lips should be symmetrical for a pleasing appearance. Fullness in the center: Lips look most beautiful when the fullness in the center tapers off at the corners.

A well-defined Cupid's bow: The Cupid's bow is the most attractive when ii is well defined, serving as the focal point of the upper lip.

Projection on profile: When viewed from the side, the upper lip should project slightly beyond the lower lip.

Lips-to-eyes relationship: A line drawn upward from the corners of the lips should hit the center of the pupils of the eyes.

Injectable Filler Treatment for Lips

Restylane is the only FDA-approved beauty treatment for lips. Approved for lip enhancement in patients over 21, you can have an investment in beauty that doesn't wash off your face, and shapely, well defined lips for up to 6 months.

To help redefine lip enhancement, customized treatments that follow aesthetic guidelines can help you achieve your own "Ideal Lip."

Artists use the Divine Proportion to create harmony and balance. For lips, it translates into a guideline that the upper lips should be about 40% of the total height of the lips, and the bottom lip should be about 60%.

     Dark Circles and Hollows

​If you find that dark circles make you look tired or a tear trough is creating hollows under your eyes, you may consider injectable fillers. Patient selection and injector experience are important.  This technique is best in the hands of an experienced injector who performs this treatment often.

 Another treatment to consider is prescription strength hydroquinone which can be used for a period of time to lighten the dark pigmentation in the skin under your eyes.



Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Acne Scar Treatments


Why consider BOTOX™ or DYSPORT®?

Botox® or Dysport® treatments consists of tiny injections of an FDA- approved, purified protein to smooth and refine the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and/or to reduce axillary sweating.

How it's done

Tiny injections are performed into the muscles that cause frowning or into the axillay glands that cause sweating.


The frown line wrinkles usually cease for about three months after each treatment. The axillary sweating may be resolved for 6-9 months following the treatment. The frown lines will appear much softer, if not absent, with expression.

Side Effects/Risks

Side effects of Botox™ and Dysport® are rarely seen in our experience. However, you may have some bruising, flu-like symptoms, headaches, droopy eyelids or eyebrows, failure of the Botox™ or Dysport® to be effective or for its effects to last for the expected duration of time.

Healing Process

You will be asked to keep your head elevated, and not massage the injected area(s) or do any physical activity for four hours following the treatment.

Download and review the BOTOX® or Dysport® Saftey Information

Injectable Filler Treatments


Why consider Injectable Fillers?

Injectable dermal fillers are used for the correction or augmentation of areas of depression. The filler agent may add volume and stimulate new collagen growth, depending on the product used, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Frequently fillers are used in the nasolabial fold and marionette line regions as well as to plump up the lips. Some fillers available include hyaluronic acid compounds such as Prevelle™ Silk and Juvederm™, while others that do not include hyaluronic acid compounds are Radiesse® and Sculptra™. Uniquely qualified, Dr. Case is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the Southwest with Radiesse and also participated in Allergan's pre-release clinical trial for Juvederm™.


How it's done

The filler is injected into the area of folds, depressions or lips. Sometimes these injections are performed with the use of local anesthetic injections, much like a dentist uses.


The appearance of folds and depressions are softened and the lips are made to appear fuller. These effects usually last 6-12 months, depending on the product used and the location of its injection.

Side Effects/Risks

Side effects and risks occur quite infrequently with dermal fillers in our experience. However, you may have some bruising, skin infection, injection into a blood vessel, contour irregularity or lumpiness and failure of the filler effect to last as long as desired.

Healing Process

You may experience some swelling lasting a few days to a week depending on the product injected and the location of the injection. Lips tend to swell more and for longer.

Why consider Elos™ Matrix IR™?


Matrix IR™ uses the Elos™ technology to penetrate below the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen production. The result is noticeable lifting, smooth and more toned skin texture. This is used to treat the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, crow's feet and transverse brow lines. A series of 5-6 treatments is recommended to achieve improvement. This can be performed in conjunction with the Elos™ ReFirme™ Skin Tightening or Fotofacial RF™ treatments (see Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Discoloration sections).

How it's done

Treatments are performed every three (3) weeks for fifteen (15) weeks. Only folds and/or wrinkles are treated. The applicator tip has a cooling component that chills the skin being treated for comfort.


Improvement usually takes 4-5 treatments to become noticeably lasting. Maintenance treatments can be performed as needed every 3-6 months.

Side Effects/Risks

Short term side effects such as pain, hair pulling sensation during treatments, redness, mild burning or discoloration of the skin are possible. Rarer side effects include damage to the natural skin texture, scarring, keloids and discoloration.

Healing Process

Following the treatment, sun screen should be used regularly to protect the treated area(s).

Patient results may vary