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Profiles Laser Hair Removal

unwanted HAIR

"Achieving beautiful silky smooth skin
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Why consider Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal treats unwanted and embarrassing hair on all areas of the face or body, including upper lip, cheeks, chin, arms, legs, bikini area, chest and back. Our Elos™ technology combines radiofrequency and light energies to achieve hair reduction for both men and women. All skin types and many hair colors, even light colored hair may be treated.

How it's done

Treatments are performed every two months for twelve months, in order to treat and eliminate as many hairs follicles as possible during their growth phase. The treatments are usually performed under topical anesthesia with the use of a cold air (chiller) blower for comfort.


Reduction of unwanted hair is accomplished over the course of treatment series.

Side Effects/Risks

Short term side effects such as pain, hair pulling sensation during treatments, redness, mild burning or discoloration of the skin are possible. Rarer side effects include damage to the natural skin texture, scarring, keloids and discoloration.

Healing Process

Following treatment, sun screen should be used regularly on exposed treated areas.

Patient results may vary