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Aging SKIN

by Todd Case | Jul 10, 2014



The signs of aging can make you look tired, angry or even sad.  As skin ages, it becomes dry, dull and uneven and loses its structure and firmness. Some of the causes of aging are environmental damage and lifestyle factors.

   what ages skin?

    l i f e s t y l e  f a c t o r s
     The consumption of alcohol can cause redness

     due to dilation of facial veins. Smoking can cause

     collagen breakdown and free-radical damage.

     e n v i r o n m e n t a l  f a c t o r s
      Years of sun exposure can change the skin pigment

      cells. This damage appears as sunspots and

      discoloration.  Potent UV rays can also cause 

      the appearance of flaky, dull skin.

     how can I reverse the signs of aging?

       s u r g i ca l  r e j u v e n a t i o n
       Improves facial harmony and can restore facial

       structure, reposition muscle, and redistribute fat.

       f a t  t r a n s f e r 
       Improves facial appearance by adding volume. 

       Fat is removed through liposuction from the 

       stomach,thighs or buttocks and transplanted

       to the face.

      l a s e r  r e s u r f a c i n g 
       Improves surface wrinkles, pigmentation,

       and surface irregularities. You may also

       consider radio frequency procedures that 

       offer no down time.  Laser and radio

       frequency treatments stimulate collagen

      production and produce a firming effect

      in lax skin.

      i n j e c t a b l e  t r e a t m e n t s 
       Improves facial creases, fine lines, sculpts new 

       contours, enhances features, and complements

       surgical rejuvenation.   Botox ®, Dysport®, Restalyne®

       and Juvederm®  are products that can add volume,

       fullness or treat moderate to severe frown lines.


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