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Cellulite Be GONE

by Todd Case | Feb 05, 2014


 is the irregular skin surface appearance (orange peel or cottage cheese like) that is caused by the relationship of fibrous connective tissue, fat,  and the overlying loose skin.  

Theories of Cellulite:

  • The fat associated with cellulite may be different from a chemical and physiologic standpoint than fat in areas that do not develop cellulite.
  • Since cellulite is seen predominantly in women, there may be a hormonal influence from estrogen which causes the adipose (fat) cells to take up more fat and prevent the fat from being broken down.
  • Aging and the repetitive occurrence of inflammation may lead to thickening of the fibrous tissue around the fat, which is conjunction with the loss of collagen and elastin lead to thinning of the skin and increased visibility of the dimpled cellulite appearance.
  • Genetic predisposition

Although there have been numerous options over the years to treat cellulite, most cellulite treatments address only one potential cause or another.  

  • About 15 years ago, Endermologie was promoted as the way to get rid of cellulite. This required 12 weekly treatments, an exercise program and drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day.  
  • For many years Mesotherapy (or “Lipodissolve”), or the injection of a “cocktail” of individually (but not in combination) FDA approved chemicals or medications, was touted as the best way to treat cellulite. 
  • A number or topical creams, like Theophylline (an asthma medication cream) were used to improve the appearance of cellulite.
  • Subcision and filling of cellulite dimples, was a means of camouflaging the dimples or depressed areas by making a pocket within the thickness of the skin, much like separating a piece of pita bread, and injecting a filler agent (such as Fascian).
  • Fibrous bands under the skin were divided, then injected with autologous fat or filler agents to prevent the bands from reconnecting and forming a new dimple.
  • About 5 years ago, a combination of light energy, radiofrequency energy and vacuum suction was used to heat and melt the superficial fat, heat and tighten the skin and bring in new blood supply. This became the first FDA approved treatment for cellulite. 
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