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Considering C-Section Scar Repair for treatment of:

  • painful scars
  • large raised scars
  • horizontal incision

Benefits of C-Section Scar Repair Surgery:

  • ​reduces the size of your c-section scar
  • improves appearance of unsightly scar
  • thinner less visible scar

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C-Section Scar Revision

Women who consider plastic surgery to remove c-section scars may have prominent scars, painful scars, discolored scars, large raised scars or a horizontal incision rather than a vertical cut. When a patient desires a scar revision surgery, the old scar is removed or cut –out and the new incision is closed under less tension. The results leave the patient with a thinner and less visible scar. In the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon, these scars can become less noticeable or surgically revised.

There are several methods that can reduce the size and appearance of unsightly c-section scars. The appearance and healing of a scar will depend on the healing process, a patient’s genetics, skin conditions and the suturing performed by the surgeon. Sometimes women can combine their scar revision with other procedures such as a mommy makeover, tummy tuck or a combination of cosmetic procedures that may include a breast lift, body contouring or liposuction.

Removing a c-section scar can be performed in combination with other procedures such as a breast lift or breast augmentation. If you have muscle that is separated or there is excess skin, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) may be considered. Typically if you are having a tummy tuck then a scar revision could be performed as a component of your surgery.

Patient results may vary