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Thigh Lift

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Why consider a Thigh Lift?

Thigh Lift Procedures

A thigh lift can improve the appearance of the thighs, removing the dimpled look caused by cellulite. Excess skin and fat are surgically removed for a slimmer, smoother contour.

How it's done

An incision is made in the groin crease area for inner thigh lifts or over the buttocks for outer thigh/buttocks lifts, through which the skin is separated from the fat and muscle below by pulling the skin flap upward. The excess skin and fat are removed and the remaining skin is stretched back in place.

Side Effects/Risks

Common side effects include swelling and discomfort, which can be managed with medication.

The risks associated with this surgery include bleeding, infection, fluid accumulations, delayed or poor wound healing, skin loss, blood clots, excessive or widened scars, numbness or other changes in skin sensation and irregular scars. Surgery also does carry risks associated with anesthesia.

Healing Process

The incisions will be covered with bandages and a small drainage tube may be inserted in the skin for several days to drain any excess fluid from the surgery.

Scheduling Your Thigh Lift Consultation

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