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Incision placement options:

  • an incision around the areola
  • an incision around the areola with a verical incision extending down from the areola to the base of the breast
  • an incision around the areola with a vertical incision extending to the breast fold and extending horizonally on either side following the breast fold

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Tucson Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

As a result of childbearing, age, and/or weight loss, a combination breast lift and breast augmentation may be the most effective method for breast enhancement. For some women who have a very minor ptosis, an implant can inflate and lift the breast adequately, however, most women that have significant ptosis and insufficient breast size need a combined breast lift and augmentation. A breast implant can be used to increase volume, upper breast proportion and breast fullness. A breast lift can be performed to reshape the breast, remove excess skin and elevate the areolas.

A breast lift/mastopexy and breast augmentation can be performed at the same time or approached in a two stage surgical process. Sometimes, a breast augmentation is performed first and the results are evaluated. If a breast lift/mastopexy is desired, it is usually performed 3-6 month after the breast augmentation. This two stage process works well for women with minor breast ptosis or mild breast asymmetry. In instances where a combination of both a breast lift and breast implants are desired, the procedure is performed in a single operation. Both saline and silicone implants can be used for surgery depending on a patient’s goals.  Occasionally, patients that are very droopy may need to have a breast lift procedure first followed by placement of breast implants as a second stage surgery.

Patient results may vary