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Breast Reduction

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Why consider a Breast Reduction with Dr. Todd Case in Tucson?

Women who have large, pendulous breasts that cause neck or back pain, bra-strap grooves in the shoulders or inhibit physical activity may find breast reduction surgery beneficial to correct these functional limitations and achieve a more proportional silhouette. The surgery can be performed on one or both of the breasts.

How it's done

Breast reduction surgery is most commonly done through a keyhole-shaped incision around the areola that allows the removal of excess fat, glandular tissue and skin. The areola is reduced by removing skin around it, if necessary. The vertical incisions are then brought together to reshape the smaller breast. Occasionally an incision underneath the breast, along the crease is needed.

Side Effects/Risks

Common side effects of reduction mammoplasty include swelling and discomfort that can be managed with medication.

The risks associated with breast reduction surgery include blood pooling beneath the skin, infection and poor healing at the incisions. Any change in nipple or breast sensation is usually temporary.

Healing Process

Following breast reduction surgery, a support bra may be recommended to support the breasts for the first three weeks. Patients will be directed to start light walking as soon as possible to limit blood clots or other complications. Light activity can usually be resumed within a few days of surgery. Healing will continue for several weeks as the breast shape settles.

Scheduling Your Breast Reduction Consultation

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