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Reasons for deflation of
saline breast implants:

  • implant age
  • breast trauma
  • over filling with more saline than the manufacturer recommends
  • under filling with less saline than the manufacturer recommends

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Breast Implant Deflation and Implant Replacement

When a breast implant deflation occurs, a woman will typically know she has a deflation by the change in breast size. The deflation process can happen quickly or over a length of time. Sometimes a breast implant may be covered under its lifetime warranty depending on when the original breast augmentation surgery occurred. It is important to remove the deflated implant as soon as possible so that the breast pocket does not close up and contract around the deflated implant.

The reasons for the deflation of saline breast implants include: implant age, breast trauma, overfilling or under filling with more or less saline than the manufacturer recommends, textured implants or sutures placed inside the breast pocket may inadvertently weaken the implant over time.

Sometimes a patient may elect not to have the deflated implant replaced and may need to have breast lift performed, or a breast lift with augmentation may be an option if the breasts have begun to sag over time following the initial breast enlargement surgery. The recovery following breast implant deflation surgery is usually less painful with a shorter recovery time.

Patient results may vary