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Brow Lift

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Why consider a Brow Lift with Dr. Todd Case in Tucson?

A brow lift can minimize furrows and other indentations associated with aging in the forehead. The surgery reduces creases and frown lines and corrects a sagging brow region. Those bothered by significant expression lines or a low brow that hoods the upper eyelid may find this a beneficial procedure that restores a youthful, alert and less "angry" appearance.

How it's done

The lift can be executed with multiple, limited incisions hidden within the scalp or through an incision in the eyelid's natural crease. The incisions are typically closed with removable sutures or clips. The procedure lasts approximately an hour and a half with the use of anesthesia dependant on the individual requirements of the patient.

Side Effects/Risks

The risks associated with browlift surgery include poor healing of scars, infection, bleeding, areas of hair loss, scalp numbness, asymmetry, an elevated hairline and risks associated with anesthesia. While facial nerve injury is extremely rare, it is a possible risk.

Healing Process

Following browlift surgery, the initial wound healing may take 5 to 10 days, when the sutures or clips will be removed. Normal activity can be resumed after three weeks.

Scheduling Your Brow Lift in Tucson

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