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Eyelid Surgery

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Why consider a Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Todd Case in Tucson?

Patients who are bothered by excess skin that causes their upper eyelids to sag, or puffiness caused by fatty deposits under the eyes might consider cosmetic eyelid surgery to restore a bright-eyed non-tired appearance.

How it's done

Each blepharoplasty surgery is tailored to the individual needs of each patient. An incision is usually made in the natural crease of the upper eyelid, allowing fat deposits and excess skin to be removed. An incision hidden underneath the eyelashes or inside the lower eyelid facilitates removal of fat, excess skin and tightening of sagging muscles in the lower eyelid region.

Side Effects/Risks

Side effects of blepharoplasties include swelling, bruising, dry eye and discomfort that can be managed with medication and cold compresses.

The risks associated with eyelid surgery include poor healing or infection at the incision, temporarily blurred or impaired vision, dry eye and risks associated with anesthesia. It also may be difficult to close the eyes temporarily. A condition called ectropion, the pulling down of the lower eyelid may occur in a small number of cases but is almost always temporary.

Healing Process

Keeping the head elevated until the initial swelling subsides as well as wearing protective sunglasses is advised. Incisions should heal within 5 days, when sutures will be removed. Patients can resume light activity around this time, as well as wear contact lenses again, but should wait three weeks before resuming strenuous activity.

Scheduling Your Eyelid Surgery in Tucson

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